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The USGS Science Data Catalog (SDC) is a tool for discovery of public USGS Datasets through text-based search; keyword, mission area, data source, and scientist faceting; and GIS-based search mechanisms. Developed by USGS Core Science Analytics, Synthesis, and Libraries program, in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Mercury Consortium.

Understanding SDC URL

SDC URL:'SDC Field'':Your search term&q=*%3A*
"SDC Field" could be substituted by any field listed below.


Try it yourself

Hint: Wildcards and phrases are allowed. ex: precipitation or rain* or "weather data"

Available Search Fields

SDC FieldFull NameUsage Example
abstract Abstract"Landsat Thematic Mapper"&q=*:*
author Author"Steven E. Hanser"&q=*:*
author_lname Author Last name*smith*&q=*:*
beginDate Data Begin Date"1982-08-27T00:00:00Z"&q=*:*
collection_id Collection ID"Water_National_Spatial_Data_Infrastructure_Node"&q=*:*
contactOrganization Contact Organization*Geological*&q=*:*
datasourceData Provider"Water National Spatial Data Infrastructure Node"&q=*:*
data_url Data URL*woodshole*&q=*:*
data_url_format Data Format*zip*&q=*:*
dataTypeData Type*%3A*
decade year range, Example: 1990 - 1910"1970 to 1979"&q=*:*
direct Geospatial reference method*:*
eaover Entity and Attribute (Overview)*bathymetry*&q=*:*
endDate Data End Date"1982-09-16T00:00:00Z"&q=*:*
enttypl Entity Type*:*
fullText Entire XML document"bald eagle"&q=*:*<
isSpatial Boolean: Global or Not*:*
keywords Keywords"Magnetic Anomalies"&q=*:*
metd Metadata Date"2014-09-11T00:00:00Z"&q=*:*
Mission AreaMission Area*%3A*
network_url Data URL or Services URL**&q=*:*
noBoundingBox Boolean: Bounding box or Point*:*
origin Originator (person OR responsible Org)"u.s. geological survey"&q=*:*
originator Originator (Normalized)"USGS"&q=*:*
placeKey Place Keyword*:*
presentationCat Geo form*ASCII*&q=*:*
procdate Process Dates*:*
procdesc Process Description*imported*&q=*:*
pubDate Publication Date*2013*&q=*:*
purpose Purpose"earth elevation map of the gateway national recreation"&q=*:*
spref Spatial Reference american vertical datum of 1988&q=*:*
title Title"Biodiversity Information Serving Our Nation (BISON)"&q=*:*
update_dateUpdate Date*:*
web_url First Data or Network URL**&q=*:*
Spatial Fields
northBoundCoord Float: North coordinate*:*
southBoundCoord Float: South coordinate\-90&q=*:*
eastBoundCoord Float: East coordinate*:*
westBoundCoord Float: West coordinate\-180&q=*:*
geo Bouding box or point location*%3A*

Quick Search Snippet

Copy/Paste the code below to include SDC "Quick Search" snippet on your website:

Web Services

Users can search SDC holdings via a REST based Web service. To invoke the Web service, simply add/replace the query parameter (fq) with any of the above defined SDC fields. Here is an example:*Colorado*&q=*:*&start=0&rows=10&wt=xslt&tr=example_rss.xsl

Search response is in the ATOM XML format. Any RSS reader can be used to view the response or a custom view can be created from the response.

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